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Guest Blogger: Whit’s World

A little about me:

I am a SAHM to two boys: J will be 8 in weeks and L is 17 months old, and wife to an incredibly hard working and wonderful man whom without, none of this would be possible.  Strong christian woman and huge animal lover (we own 2 dogs and 2 guinea pigs, but I want more!).  I am learning to parent all over again the second time around…these two boys could not be any more different.  I am new to homeschooling and blogging, and so far enjoy and love both!  Come visit me over at Whit’s World  to join in all the fun!

I was so excited when I saw the opportunity to guest post for Sprig Toys on toy organization!  Now let me be clear, I am no expert on this at all.  I wish that I could show you rooms straight from an Ikea catalog full of organizational furniture with everything tucked away nicely in bins, but I can’t.  I can however share how I keep the mountains of toys organized on a budget in my home.  (And by on a budget, I mean with things I already had laying around.)

I have two boys, one is weeks away from being 8 and the other is 17 months, so as you can well imagine, we have toys coming out of our ears!!  There never seems to be enough room no matter what we do, so we make the best of what we have to work with.

Here are my top tips for keeping all those toys organized:

1) Go through and clean out toys a couple times a year.  I find it beneficial to do a purging session after birthdays and Christmas every year.  Out with the old and in with the new.  I separate these toys into 3 piles:  toys to “trade in” at Once Upon a Child for store credit, toys to donate, and toys to toss (things seem to break and go missing a lot around here).  This process always makes me feel so much better and it’s also a great opportunity to do some deep cleaning.

2) Buy a label maker!  I have always considered myself an organized person, and one way I do that is by labeling everything that I can.  There is no excuse for my oldest to just throw things onto shelves when everything has a home that is clearly labeled.  I also put pictures next to the words on the labels so the toddler can begin correlating the words with the pictures when it’s clean up time.  This really does help everything stay nice and neat.

3) Can’t go out and buy organizational furniture and bins?  Look around your house, there is a wealth of organizational resources right at your finger tips.  How many buckets and baskets do you have laying around from Halloween, Easter, or summer fun?  We have a ton, and converted them into “bins”.  One for cars, balls, animals, action heroes, etc.  We have a ton of play food for our kitchen area that we put in a water/sand table which we picked up at a garage sale for $2. I also use some of our hundreds of travel/carry on style bags to put specific toys in.

4) Use the area under beds for toy storage.  Now that we have everything neatly organized and labeled in buckets and bags, it can be slid underneath the beds and not look cluttered and messy!

5) Stuffed animals!  We have more stuffed animals than anything else.  Luckily we have a bunk-bed in the boys’ room and, for now, all of those stuffed animals have a home on the bottom bunk.  It’s a fun place to cuddle with a book before bedtime every night too!

When all those toys are strung from one end of the house to the other, I definitely get a little overwhelmed, but thankfully the clean up process is a little smoother with all these toy organizational tips that I use.  I hope that you will find some of this helpful in winning the war against overflowing toys in your home.  Please share any tips that you may have as well, I love great organizational tips!

Follow Whitney on twitter… and while you’re at it –  follow Sprig Toys too! If you would like to contribute to our Guest Blogger series, please send an email to info@sprigtoys.com.



3 thoughts on “Guest Blogger: Whit’s World

  1. Hi! Sorry to leave an unrelated post (bad blogging etiquette, I know!), but I couldn’t find contact information anywhere on your site. I have an idea for a guest post that I think you might like, and I was wondering if you were interested? Please let me know! 🙂

    Posted by Brittany Lyons | October 31, 2011, 4:25 pm
  2. These are really great tips, and I too try to keep things organized, but don’t you find that over the course of a couple of weeks your kids undo all that hard work? I try and organize cars in one bin and blocks in another but in a blink of an eye there are blocks in the car bin and cars in the block bin. Toy organization seems like a losing battle.

    Posted by Jamie | November 25, 2011, 8:54 am


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