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Guest Blogger: Lil Bit of Us

Hi! I’m Mary from Lil Bit of Us! I have a 3 year old son named Luke and a dog named Jake! In the summer we love to find fun things to do in our area that don’t require a ton of money. We live in a small town and if we can find fun things to do in our area, I’m sure you can too!

1. Go to the playground! Luke loves the playground and to him it’s a wonderful outing where the possibilities are endless! Pack a lunch and make a day of it! Go for a walk, swing on the swings, have a picnic!

2. Check out the local parks in your area. There is a great arboritum in our area where the flowers and trees abound and there are paths to walk, an outdoor Koi pond and everything you need to have a great day! Admission is free and Luke had a blast when we went there!

3. Play in your own backyard! A sheet thrown over a couple of folding chairs makes a great outdoor fort, walk around your town and point out the different things you see. If you have a bag of sand a food storage container that will make for hours of fun! There are always fun new things to do in your own backyard if you just use your imagination!

4. Visit your local library! Our library has a summer reading program for the kids where they earn a prize for reading all summer. They also have family nights where there are fun, family friendly activities. The library is one of our favorite places!

5. Break out the arts and crafts! Get a canvas and let your child paint on it. Once it dries you have your very own, one of a kind work of art to hang up! You can find plenty of recipes on the internet for homemade finger paints, homemade playdough and even homemade sidewalk chalk!

I hope you get out and explore your own backyard and your own neighborhood this summer! You might be surprised at what you can find!



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