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Guest Blogger: Staying Home and Staying Sane

We are thrilled to have the blogger behind Staying Home and Staying Sane guest posting today – Enjoy!

My Name is Liz and I am a stay at home mom to three wild and crazy kids and I have been married for 13 years. So, obviously staying sane is a top priority. Staying Home and Staying Sane is my place to talk all about family life along with pictures of course. I love hosting reviews and giveaways but I keep them eco-friendly because staying green is an everyday thing for our family.

Where I live, “local” is maybe not what you would consider to be “local”. Local to me can be up to 30 minutes away. We live in an itty bitty town in Southeast Texas and you just have to be prepared to drive to really get anywhere. Sure, there’s lots of stuff to offer in our sweet, little, historical town but we were thinking a bit further for our eco-friendly adventure. We headed about 25 minutes away to the Sea Center. The Sea Center is where schools go on field trips and where I have been many, many times with my kiddos when we just needed to get out of the house. Especially, before the other 2 kids came along…when I was looking for cheap places to keep T busy. This is as cheap as you can get….FREE!  Though they do accept donations. Sea Center is an aquarium, fish hatchery and nature center that has lots of cool stuff to see. Our favorite is the Touch Tank, of course.  Lots of little sea creatures to explore and learn about. All of the volunteers are really nice and helpful, they love to answer any questions you (or the little ones) might have and show you some interesting facts about the Sea Center or the creature you’re interested in.

What makes the Sea Center Eco friendly? For me, I like that it is pretty local and I love the things they do to improve wildlife and educating people about the importance of the wetlands. It also houses the largest redfish hatchery in the world.

We really had a lot of fun meandering through the Sea Center, checking out all that we wanted to and revisting to the Touch Tank many times. It really is great for any age, T enjoyed showing G all of the stuff he remembered from when he “was a kid”. Fun, easy, free and local.  Summer time fun at it’s best. Going to the Sea Center reminded us of how much fun we had at the Downtown Aquarium last time we went so we headed there this past weekend.



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