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Guest Blogger: Peddle Power and Eco Crafting

We are very excited to have Courtney from Simple City Life guest posting today. Courtney, a mom to three, is a loyal blogger and green living momma. Her days consist of folding laundry, cooking dinner, snuggling the littles and consuming several cups of coffee. When she is not tending to those things she enjoys family bike rides, gardening, sewing and photographing the lives of her children. Simple City Life was born to stay connected with long distance family and has evolved into a family friendly blog that talks about simplifying life and living as green as possible.

We hope you enjoy her post as much as we do!

This summer we are trading in our four-wheel vehicle and using our better for the earth, two-wheeled transportation. That’s right, we are officially a one car family, leaving me and the kids without a car this summer. This is not the first time we have done this, but it is the first time I will be doing it with three kids. We have everything we need for getting around town, bikes, locks, trailer for the baby, water bottles and bells. We have been taking the kids on practice rides teaching them proper bike safety such as hand signals, walking your bike across the street, helmet wearing and staying in the bike lane. Not only will this help reduce our carbon footprint, it will be benefitting the kids health, and mine! We are city dwellers, which on one hand makes this much easier for us, most things are a hop skip and a jump from our front door. However on the other hand, we have a much busier area to travel through. Safety is a number one priority in a adventure like this. The kids are beaming over their new bikes and are excited to travel this summer via bicycle! They are coming up with lists of places they want to ride to and adventures they fully expect to come across.

The second fun plan we have for our days at home is a what we are calling Trash Tuesdays. We will be hosting a weekly kids crafting playgroup. Each family will help contribute to the crafting supplies by bring along a few clean recyclables. The kids will be able to rummage through the recyclables and choose their crafting supplies. Once the containers are chosen, they will be able to use their imaginations! Glue, paint, tape and other tools will be provided. The kids will also be encouraged to find nature to add to their projects, creating unique pieces of art to take home every week! I am really excited to see what each child creates each week. Allowing them to be the master behind the pieces they create will help them feel confident and free to express themselves wholly. I know my kids love to have freedom while crafting and sometimes go a little crazy! The pride they have from using their creative juices is such a joy to see.

I hope you have a great summer! Dust off your bikes and play in the trash with us! 😉



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