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Guest Blogger: NatureMoms

We are very excited to have Tiffany Washko from NatureMoms guest posting on the Sprig Toys blog today. There is more information about Tiffany at the end of the post. Enjoy!

When summer rolls around, many parents are left wondering how they are going to keep their kids occupied for 3 months so that they don’t hear that all too common phrase… “Mom I’m bored!” It is easier to come up with creative adeas if you think of it as a family affair. What can you do as a family to get out and enjoy the fine weather and free time that comes with summer? As a green parent you may also cringe at the idea of running the sprinklers all day or buying a plastic pool but there are lots of ways for green families to enjoy summer. Here are some ideas:

Geocaching – Think of this as a high tech treasure hunting game. With a GPS device or a smart phone with a geocaching app you can find hidden caches. Often times they are located in a park or on hiking trails and kids love the adventure of finding the cache and then seeing what it is. Most GPS devices will only get you within 20 to 30 feet of the hidden cache so doing some searching is often required and the entire adventure can be lots of fun for the whole family. It gets you outside and exploring nature, it makes the search a fun game, and it is something you can do weekly or daily for never ending summer fun. To make the experience a bit greener, try walking or biking between caches or carpooling with other families.

Camping in the backyard – While traveling to a state park to camp out for a few days sounds like  great fun, it may  not be in the budget or even possible with your schedule. Camping in the backyard can be fun too. Kids can pitch a tent, catch lighting bugs, tell ghost stories late at night, and even have their friends over for an outside sleepover.

Outdoor Games – Summer just doesn’t feel complete without a few games of hide and go seek or hopscotch but you can also get creative by helping your kids create a neighborhood scavenger hunt or game of Twister on the lawn. You can make a large scale twister game board by using cardboard circles as templates and non toxic paints to paint colored circles directly on the lawn. Now lots of children can play Twister until the next rain clears the board for new adventures.

Find a Swimming Hole – Public pools are lots of fun but it can be even more enjoyable to find a swimming hole where kids can swim and explore outdoors in nature. Search your local guidebooks and online resources to find a natural location where your kids can swim and play. A rope swing or a waterfall will give you extra bonus points with your kids.

Tiffany Washko is the mom blogger behind NatureMoms, a green parenting resource for moms. She is also the author of a green smoothies recipe book for kids and lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband and three kids.



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