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This Season Simplified

Someone recently sent me a nice article about the toys of yesteryear that made me reminisce. As the holiday season quickly approaches, it can seem as though the world around us is moving at lightyear speed. Popular gifts are more complicated, expensive and technologically advanced than ever – especially toys! Don’t get me wrong, technology can bring great things, yet many of our own fondest memories were created with the simplest of things.

I remember the days where I would be outside playing every chance I got with the neighborhood kids or my siblings. There were weekend and winter break days where I would not return home until I heard my mother calling me in at dark for dinner! Whether it was helping my brother build his Lincoln Logs, playing marbles, or using my Hula Hoop, the fact that the toys were simple never entered my mind – they were just fun! Today while many of our children are plopping down in front of video games, it can be hard to convince them of the fun that can be had with the classics. This Holiday season at Sprig we urge you to start young and show your children that playing with simple yet classic toys can be loads of fun! We hope that by introducing them to Sprig toys like the Adventure Series or the Eco Trucks will, in time, turn these into the “classics” they look back on when they grow up. The fact that our toys are eco-friendly is the cherry on top – because we are trying to make sure that our toys aid in the preservation of their future world.

So why not create some memories this holiday season with your own child or your nieces, nephews, or grandchildren? Pick up the new classics, Sprig Toys, at Barnes and Noble or ToyZam.



One thought on “This Season Simplified

  1. Sprig Toys are definitely the new classics! So fun! 🙂 @VectoringMomma

    Posted by Toni Moore | June 24, 2011, 3:32 pm

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