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It has just been one of those weeks here at Sprig.  We are currently between development cycles, getting Fall 2010 product introduced and completing our final selections for what we will develop for 2011.  Once we have those selections made, we will be going full guns once again!

We have some fun things coming up for you on our blog and on Facebook (if you aren’t a Facebook fan already, come & like us here: http://www.facebook.com/SprigToys):

1) Designer posts.  Nope, that doesn’t mean that we are going to take over for HGTV!  Our designers will be joining us and chatting about toys, so keep a look out.  While I am on vacation next week, founder Chris Clemmer will be posting.  Hmm… can’t wait to see what he talks about!

2) Fall indoor & outdoor activity posts.  Due to the popularity of our summer series, we will return with more activities to stimulating active imaginations and active bodies at a BARGAIN price.

3) Dutch von Cluxson.  If you aren’t a Facebook fan, then you probably have missed this.  Our nemesis, Dutch von Cluxson, has been busy trying to steal our secrets.  We have heard rumors that he will be a lot more aggressive this fall in seeking to bring Sprig to its knees.  Help us locate him, we will be launching a huge campaign later this year on Facebook.  This criminal needs to be tracked down! 

If you have anything you would love to see us write about, please comment below or tweet me: @kimatsprig.

I’ll be back in two weeks, have fun with Chris!

About onepartartdesign

onepartart.design is a husband & wife toy design and illustration studio based in the woods of new hampshire.


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