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A Day in the Life…

The original plan today was to do another post in our Low Cost Summer Activity series, but I have something special planned there and am trying to wrestle up some product for giveaway… so stay tuned, we are hoping next week’s post knocks your socks off!

Just wanted to give you a peek into a typical day at Sprig, hope you enjoy!

7:30 – Justin unlocks the office and panics at how messy his office looks.  Vacuum runs, but we aren’t sure it will recover after that visit.  Typically Kim is first in office, but she got caught up this morning taking kiddos to various summer camps…  Welcome back, Justin, that Mexican tan looks awesome on you. 

9:00 – Everyone is here, answering emails and getting their into their days.

9:45 – Meeting moved, the founders are going out to a possible office site to try some floor plan layouts using masking tape to delineate the proposed walls.  We are planning on moving out of the Shedquarters into new digs later this year, we’ll keep you updated.  We are pretty excited, all of the developers we have met with have been awesome and have totally gotten on board with our vision of creating an eco-friendly office space.  Come to think of it, we’ll have to show you photos as we make a decision and get ready to move…

10:45 – Chris pops in on Shaun, the new intern.  He has her working on some new toddler items for 2011 (crazy, eh?!) and is going to have her present her ideas later this afternoon.  Pretty excited about what is going on there; I have my son, Riley, writing some stories to go with the items.  Shaun is pretty talented, really liking some of the sketches she has generated so far.

12:00 – Quiet as a tomb as everyone heads out to lunch.  We are amazingly fortunate to be so near Old Town, which is chock full of restaurants, pubs and shops.  On a beautiful day like today, many of us head there and eat outside.  Fun fact I recently heard: Fort Collins’ Old Town was the inspiration for Disney’s Main Street.

1:30 – I get to sit down with the founders and talk State of the Sprig union.  We sit down about once a month so I can update them on financial and operations stuff.  It is a great time to touch base and get them in the loop on the business side of what is happening at Sprig.  Not much to tell here, we are talking taxes mostly.  (Snore.)

2:30 – Shaun presents her toddler ideas and everyone brainstorms on toddler and Holiday of 2011.  This has to be one of my favorite Sprig happenings.  The team here is so creative, it is a bit like watching a popcorn popper… ideas shooting off in all directions.  So far, we haven’t run out of ideas, just the opposite, we have more ideas than we know what to do with.

3:30 – A scream and a curse.  Owen, our engineer, has snuck up on our Graphic Designer, illustrator wunderkind Ned.  Ned likes to rock out with headphones on while he sketches.  Apparently this is just too good of an opportuntity for Owen to pass up.

3:35 – 6:00 – The office gets pretty quiet in the afternoons.  I have found this is when the designers are their most productive.  Everyone gets their heads down and turns out some amazing work… toys and all the great fun you will get to see next year is all coming to life in our offices now!  Most of the designers take their work home with them and generally are drawing up a storm until the wee hours.

Occasionally we give sneak peaks of our new stuff on Facebook, before it hits stores: so if you aren’t a fan, you should be!  Go on, fan us, you know you want to…  http://www.facebook.com/SprigToys

Have any questions?  Want to ask a designer?  Tweet me @kimatsprig with your designer questions, your question might be our next blog!



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