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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (?)

I suspect that, like you, I have already been overexposed to Christmas music already. I know, Christmas seems to start in earnest earlier every year. I cannot understand the motivation behind Christmas in July, I mean seriously? I am not in the mood for stockings and woolens when I am sweating my brains out!
A convergence of factors really had me thinking about the holidays this year. First the Christmas classic, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year, followed shortly by a picture of a twitter friend’s young son completely covered in cupcake.

The song had me wondering: is it really the most wonderful time?

Here is my reality: Somehow during the next month every teacher of each of my three kids will spontaneously decide that it is time for: a food drive, a Christmas concert, a dance recital, a sports holiday tournament, a Christmas party and a Secret Santa Swap. Throw in the fact that I make costumes for our local ballet company’s Nutcracker and you have a recipe for a high stress season, never mind the shopping and baking.

For the last two years, I have also been with Sprig Toys. Yep, a toy company whose busiest season is… YES, you win: Christmas. For some reason usually reasonable people become somewhat panicked, and I can truly relate because, as a mom, I am panicked. Everything needs to be there and be there RIGHT NOW. I am truly thankful for our newest employee, Jennie Gober, who is our newest Customer Service Guru. In the short time she has been with us, she has already proven herself competent and upbeat. I hope you get a chance to chat with her.

OK, so you are probably wondering where the cupcake covered child comes in, right? Here goes…
Just the sight of that boy, who was unabashedly loving that cupcake, who dove in with no thought for neatness, but was just completely committed to the joy of chocolate reminded me of something. That sometimes I need to forget about the plans, forget about the mile long to do list and just dive in. Spend five minutes getting licked in the face by my dog or covered in glitter glue making ornaments with my child… just a few minutes a day being: Getting messy, covered in joy, and living.

Will you join me?

A bit about me and where we are going:
I hope to be blogging weekly, forgive me if this doesn’t happen regularly during this busy season (I may be eating cupcakes); I am thinking to share from my life, inside and outside Sprig, and answer some of the questions I hear from our fans. Here is a preview of some of the topics I hope to handle in the near future:
• What makes us an Eco-friendly toy company?
• Where is the driver on the Eco-trucks (I know, riveting, eh)?
• Does the Dolphin Boat float?
• What do I do for Sprig?
If you have anything you would love to hear about, do tell! Please tweet me: @kimatsprig and I will try to get to your questions.



One thought on “Kim’s First Blog

  1. I’ve always been a bit….shall we say…lazy? Maybe that’s not the best word. But I’ve never gotten caught up in the stress of the season. Not even when I worked retail. I danced around JC Penney to the Christmas muzac with a smile on my face. The year I worked a Starbucks kiosk in a mall on Black Friday? LOVED it. And yes, I adore Christmas in July. It helps me get through the miserable summers here in SE Georgia, by looking to what’s ahead. I’m a Christmas junkie and I proudly admit it!

    But, back on topic….I tend to take things as they come, and stay focused on the moment all year long…ESPECIALLY at Christmas. So I think you’re right on here….by savoring the little things (like cupcakes!) we’re more refreshed and ready to tackle the to-do’s of the season as well.

    Posted by Tiffany | November 17, 2009, 2:34 pm

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