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I hope you’ve had a chance to visit our revamped site. Chris and Scott Moore, our web designer (www.scomodesign.com), did an amazing job and we’re still working on additional features and resources for our visitors. We hope you enjoy it!
On July 23rd, my life changed in a dramatic and wonderful way. My wife Erin gave birth to Parker Vivian Storey, a girl with such stunning beauty that I believe I heard the sound of angels singing as she came into this world (although it could have been Erin screaming). I’ll begrudgingly acknowledge that I may be a bit biased, but my current assessment based on watching her as she sits in my lap is that she’ll have Natalie Portman’s looks, Jackie O’s grace, Gloria Steinem’s brains, Kerri Walsh’s vertical leap and Chrissie Hynde’s singing voice. Erin seems to be satisfied that Parker has ten fingers, ten toes and a healthy set of lungs. She’s far too pragmatic.
With two weeks of top-notch parenting under my belt, here is what I’ve learned so far:
1. There is no such thing as too many onsies, especially if the child’s father is an incompetent diaper changer.
2. A child can sense the instant when her father is thinking he can’t be any more tired and will choose that moment to start fussing.
3. Doodie can fly.
4. An infant child is pretty indifferent to the genius of the Three Stooges (I intend to do significant testing in this area).
5. It’s a really bad idea to come home after 6PM and ask a new mom in the middle of a feeding, “What’s for dinner?”
6. A parent with a newborn child produces a scent that compels more experienced parents to offer unsolicited parenting advice.
7. There may be no greater compassion a man can feel for a human being than that of watching his wife suffer through 13 hours of labor.
8. There may be no greater joy a person can feel than that of looking into the eyes of his child for the first time. This has been said many times and I was pretty cynical about it, but it is absolutely true.

To top it off, after fifteen years of manufacturing products for children, I’m now in the position of product consumer. After several months of buying and receiving products, I am much more empathetic to the plight of new moms and dads. The sheer volume of products and information about those products is overwhelming. First, we had the great debate over cloth vs. disposable diapers. A Google search of the topic brought 91,400 results, many with agendas and all (OK, I didn’t go through ALL of them) with differing data on the environmental and health benefits of each. Ultimately we went with gDiapers (www.gdiapers.com ), which we found to be a good compromise. The waste portion of the product is flushable and compostable. Pretty cool.

Next was sifting through the piles of baby gifts we received from our very giving friends and family. We loved getting picture frames and the Pack and Play has had a lot of use. My father built a beautiful oak cradle that we’ve even taken to Breckenridge for a two day getaway. Parker loves it. While we know we will use all of the onsies and nighties for 0-3 months, we were also very grateful for all of the people who bought us clothes that are “up age”. We were also grateful for the breakfasts and dinners dropped off by friends. It’s a nice relief to know we don’t have to cook.

We did receive a few gifts that had us scratching our heads. A teething ring that had images from a big licensed property PAINTED on the handle. Similarly, we received a pacifier with paint on the handle. It seems so unnecessary and haven’t we learned enough from what happened to our industry two years ago? Crazy.

Speaking of paint-free (sorry for the clumsy segue), be sure to check out our new line of battery-free, paint-free products made from recycled materials. The guys have outdone themselves again! My personal favorites are the Adventure Series Dino Rescue Rig and the Story Builders Palace, but I am proud of the whole line and think we keep improving with each new line. We hope your kids enjoy playing with them as much as we enjoy making them.



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